My Process

The "1 - 2 - 3 - Launch!" Process

My “1 – 2 – 3 – Launch” process is the combined result of years of agency experience and organizational OCD which I have honed to create a collaborative iterative workflow with my clients. This process allows your site to take an organic shape in its design, giving you a unique design based on your wants, loves, needs, and most importantly, the content. The process allows us to collaborate and work autonomously but in conjunction with each other so that your site is up and running in a timely manner and there are not huge gaps of valuable time, or what I call “agency bloat,” where we are waiting on each other for deliverables. What you end up with will be beautiful, functional, a traffic generator, and it will let your brand shine through, because as we know, with social media being so prevalent these days, it’s all about the brand!



I will create a client folder for you on my Google drive. It contains organized folders with instruction documents on how to provide your content to me. You will fill out the creative brief and website specs documents, as these will arm me with the initial information I need to get the creative process rolling and lay down the base for your website architecture. At this phase, I will need your logo, color guides, and brand guideline.



I will set up your base WordPress site and install the Divi framework and begin designing the global architecture of your website (header, footer, navigational structure, e-commerce functionality, etc.) While I am working on these things, you will be able to work on getting your content organized and put on the Google drive, this process will allow you to design your content, help you identify areas where your content needs work, and provide you the opportunity to get it right before it goes into your site causing fewer post design revisions down the line. During this phase, we will collaborate and review the site’s global architecture design and iterate until you are happy with it.


Content Design

Next, using UX based methodologies, I design the front page based on your content. This is called a “content design approach to visual design” and allows for your message to shine and also provides an enhanced user experience to your target audience. No one wants to have a site that looks like you purchased a stock theme and stuffed and even cut out parts of your valuable content to fit into it.  Once this process is complete, we will collaborate, review the design, and iterate until you are happy with it. The visual design we come up with in this process will shape the overall design direction of the other content areas of the site. Once I have all the content pages fleshed out, we will review and iterate again until it is all perfect!


Take it Live!

Once we have completed phases 1 – 3, it will be launch time! I will provide you with a one-hour “one-on-one” virtual training lesson and teach you how to use your site. One of the great features of the Divi framework is its visual builder, making it easier for you to update existing content and publish new content with ease. Your new site will have been built to facilitate the best SEO tools and practices so any good SEO person has the ability to increase your website traffic and pump up your social media presence. 

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