About Cat

Is your name Cat?

No! It was my father’s nickname and I adopted it for my design shop in honor of him, but feel free to call me Cat!

For more than 20 years I have evolved my passion for web/UX/UI design and front-end programming. My maxim? Most advanced, yet acceptable. I believe that in the digital age designers and innovators must pave the way toward the future, but in gradual steps — delivering experiences that break new ground, but still contain enough of the familiar to be acceptable to the people for whom they’re designed. You can only raise the bar as high as your audience will let you; I strive to gather user data and use it to deliver an experience that’s just right.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in various web and advertising settings, growing my well-rounded approach to design as an Interactive Director, Interaction Designer, User Experience Designer, Responsive Web Programmer, Information Architect, and Graphic Designer to create exceptional products.

I have worked with high-profile, international organizations such as Razorish, Frog, Blackberry, Adobe, PeopleSoft, Conoco, Exxon Chemical, Riviana Foods, DynCorp International, Wells Fargo, Office Depot, Nu-kote, and Chase Bank to name a few. I can lead projects life cycles and review, validate, and recommend improvements throughout. If you need a senior designer to drive intuitive user experience, usability, performance, and cutting edge designs… let’s connect!

If cats could talk, they wouldn't.

Say Meow!

You had me at meow!